Friday, September 7, 2007

Movin' on up

And now for the BIG NEWS. Wow, nothing adds drama like the caps lock, huh?

I am so excited to announce that Jewel Couture has moved into a commercial space! After almost four years of working from home, I have taken the plunge. I have moved into a new studio at Two Be Wed in Tempe. You may be familiar with TBW- you can meet various talented and dedicated wedding professionals there to help plan your wedding. Well before, it was just an awesome place where I could meet clients for design meetings. Now, I've actually moved my operations there, so you can stop by and see the process for yourself!

I'm really psyched about this and hope it helps take my company to the next level. I would love visitors- stop by and see me sometime! I plan on being there during weekdays and by appointment on evenings and Saturdays.

I should be back to my normal schedule by Monday, so be on the lookout for more posts!


Ande Martineau said...

This is so exciting!! Congratulations on your big move.

Life Design Event Planning said...

That is so awesome Rebecca! I just want to learn how to sew a pillow.