Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Devil in a blue dress

You may remember from my very first post that I made my prom dress in high school. Well, I recently moved and was going through some old photo albums, when lo and behold- a prom photo appeared! And since my high school reunion is in two weeks (Go 1997 DHS Mustangs!), it just seems like a good time to post it. (Identities have been concealed to protect the innocent.)

So as I was looking at this, I remembered that not only did I make my dress, but I made my handbag as well. I also did my own hair and makeup and manicure. My date wore his band tux (hee hee) and drove his parents' car.

Not that it's all that fantastic, but it got me thinking. I do a lot of alterations for prom dresses these days, and I see the kind of money these girls (or rather, their parents!) are spending on prom. And it blows me away! I guess I've always been a DIY type of gal.

Anyway, it's a lesson for you ladies out there- a fun evening can be had for less than $200 if you are resourceful!


Life Design Event Planning said...

So adorable. You look darling and haven't changed one bit. Maybe a little with the hair...but I love it. You are so incredibly talented.

Lynn said...

My mom and I worked together to make my prom dress, too. Mine was regrettably teal.

Rebecca said...

Nice! So I wasn't the only one; what a relief!