Friday, August 29, 2008

There she stands in a silken gown, silver lights shining down

Based on my overly-long hiatus, you may have come to the conclusion that one of the following had occurred:

A.) I was abducted by aliens
B.) I moved to Siberia
C.) I got frostbite whilst in Siberia, resulting in having my hands amputated, and I can no longer type

I am happy to report that the answer is D.) none of the above! I have just been very busy with new business endeavors and wedding planning. Three and a half months to go! I guess I should get around to ordering the fabric for my dress pretty soon...

Anyhow, I do have pix of Miss W (now Mrs. K) to share with you all, finally! Thank you so much for your patience, everyone (particularly Mrs. K!)

Doesn't she look beautiful? Mr. K is a lucky man!

I hope to be back on track now, blog-wise. I have a few interesting designs to post over the next few months, and then in December, I'll have my own gown to post as well. I'm pretty excited about it- I hope it comes out as good as it looks in my mind!