Tuesday, January 15, 2008

News of you has come down the line

Last night I saw my girl C-Ro and she was asking me about Miss W. Yes, I realize I haven't updated you all on her status! The last time I posted about her, we had decided to trade the silvery lace in for some subtle sparkly beads. Well, since then we've had two fittings, and her dress is all but done! The reason I don't have pix is because we used Miss W's camera (mine was on the fritz) and for some reason, her email and mine are not simpatico! So there are photos, except you won't see them here (yet).

However, Miss W's wedding is next month, so I'll be seeing her again very soon- and hopefully with a camera that works!


Liene at Blue Orchid Designs said...

try flickr or snapfish instead of email. then you can access a bunch at once without it eating up email space. :)

Scrapbook Fairy said...

Hi, the blog is looking good. You are so disciplined about updating. I need to learn from you, oh master!