Thursday, December 6, 2007

Working my way back to you babe

I'm posting two days in a row? What is going on here? Well, I have an entry for the Dress Diary! If you recall, we last left Miss W trying to decide whether to use the lace as planned, or to change it up a little. Since then, we have both been very busy with her friend's wedding, which was last month. Miss W has been very patient during the hiatus! But now it's her turn again, so here we go!

As for the lace, if you guessed C) neither; let's replace the lace with some subtle beading, then you win!

Yes, Miss W liked the look of the ruching so much that she thought the lace might detract from it. So we got together one Saturday, along with her mom, sister, and friend and went to my favorite bead place, Beads Galore. If you have any interest in jewelry-making or beading (or just like sparkly objects), you have to pay Beads Galore a visit. They have everything- crystal, stone, glass, bone, metal, semi-precious stone, interesting synthetics, tools and supplies, and all kinds of odds and ends. One tip- don't head over there if you only have a few minutes to kill. You will definitely end up staying longer than planned!

After an hour of debate, we finally settled on a combination of freshwater pearls, Czech glass, and tiny silvered seed beads. I think it's looking pretty nice, and I hope Miss W will agree. I'm seeing her for a fitting on Monday, so I'll have more pix to post soon.

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Blue Orchid Designs said...

I love Beads Galore and I always, always spend way more than I was planning to when I'm in there.