Tuesday, October 9, 2007

And all that jazz

I am so excited to be able to share one of my unique brides with you! Nichole is getting married this month, and I had the privilege of designing her wedding gown. She is a very stylish and creative gal, which I know will be reflected in her wedding. She also has the ever-so-fabulous Liene Stevens from Blue Orchid Designs coordinating and designing her event, so it will be amazing!

When Nichole and I first met, the only things she really had decided on were the wedding colors (black and white) and her veil. (Funny that the veil came first, but if you check out Stephanie James' designs, you'll see why!) Nichole was inspired by the 1940s jazz era as well as Stephanie's awesome website and her vintage-inspired styles and photography. (Which she then took to Liene, who is doing a fantastic job- I got a sneak peek at the table designs!)

While I was designing Nichole's gown, we went through several options, as usual, but the finalist was a white silk taffeta gown with a sweetheart neckline and a twisted and ruched bodice. The skirt is caught up in the front with a cluster of black and white ostrich plumes, revealing black tulle underneath.
I added the gloves in the sketch because I just thought they "made" the design. Accessories can make or break an outfit, as you ladies know!

Over the last few months, while I was working on her gown, Nichole was also very busy of course. One thing that she worked on during this time was her invitations. She worked with an amazing stationer in Houston, Daniela Weil with Simple Difference, who actually took my sketch, along with photos of Nichole and her fiancee Mike and created an illustrated invitation:

I almost loved this more than the dress itself. (Almost, but not quite!) Don't they look like they're ready to groove the night away?

And now for the finished product! I will be harassing Nichole for wedding photos once the big day has come and gone, but for now, she was kind enough to let me take a couple shots during our final fitting. (And even let me use her camera since mine crapped out on me. What a good sport!)

And she got the gloves! Sweet!

I loved working with Nichole and was so sad to see her dress leave my studio! But I know there are tons of fun, creative brides out there. I can't wait to see what's next!

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I love it when brides do something different! :)