Friday, July 27, 2007

You can never get enough of this stuff; it's Friday, I'm in love

Miss W's fabric arrived yesterday! The yummy satin and delicate organza will have to wait though, until the bride comes in to try on the foundation and lining. Below are the pieces of lining, cut and ready to put together. (My mischievous little girl Ophelia wanted to help, so I let her do some measuring!)

I usually will go ahead and cut and stitch the lining for the first fitting, then I can mark any necessary changes, take it apart, and use the adjusted pieces as patterns for the "real" fabric. This process is traditionally called making a muslin, since muslin fabric is inexpensive and a good choice to use for a mock-up. This way, the more expensive fashion fabric can be saved from any errors.

At this point, I'm ready to have the bride come in and get fitted. I may or may not take pictures of the fitting; it depends on Miss W's comfort level. But either way, I'll be back soon with an update!

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